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Property Management Service Providers in
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Our Mission

To provide our clients with value-added solutions by continuously advancing technology and procedures. Our strength is exceeding customer expectations, and we constantly work to give our customers the best services possible.

Our Vision

We are always focused on giving our customers the highest calibre of service. We have a natural urge to go above and beyond for everyone who uses our services.  We take great pride in being a dependable business for both our clients and workers.

What We do

Customized property management
services for Non-resident Indians.

A residential property manager takes care of all phases of the advertising and leasing of a vacant unit as well as the regular day-to-day tasks of maintaining the property. A residential property manager will handle all of the activities required to tenancy the building, including area analysis, determining rental rates, displaying the property to possible tenants, screening their applications, and negotiating the length and terms of the lease. Contrary to commercial buildings, which often have lengthier leases, residential properties see fast turnover, with most leases lasting between 6 to 12 months. Therefore, marketing, displaying, and leasing spaces make up a sizable portion of residential property management.

We provide cutting-edge commercial and industrial property management solutions to help with these corporate goals. A committed group of real estate experts successfully implements our complete property management and reporting services. All of the resources and knowledge of the Bigtree Property Management company are included in our experience and expertise, which spans commercial, retail, and industrial property types. Our global networks, along with cutting-edge market research and value-added management services, let owners and investors optimise returns even under difficult circumstances. We work together across borders and specialties to provide the broadest range of solutions to satisfy the unique requirements of each client.

Industrial property management services involve the management and maintenance of industrial properties such as factories, warehouses, and distribution centers. These properties often have unique needs and require specialized management to ensure that they are operating efficiently and effectively.

Property management services are companies or individuals that manage the day-to-day operations of a property on behalf of the owner. This can include managing the maintenance and upkeep of the property, collecting rent or fees from tenants, and handling any issues that may arise. Property management services are often used for commercial properties such as office buildings, retail centers, and industrial parks, as well as residential properties such as apartments and condominiums. They can also be used for specialized properties such as theaters, resorts, schools, and places of worship.

How We Help

We always aim to be the most trusted name in property management globally, our company focuses on providing excellent customer service, maintaining high standards of professionalism and integrity, and consistently delivering quality results for our clients. Some specific strategies we consider include:

* Hiring experienced and knowledgeable staff​
* Building Postiive Relationships with our clients & workers
* Providing a wide range of services
* Implementing cutting-edge technology
* Fostering strong relationships with clients:

What We aim for

Bringing NRIs peace of mind
and a sense of security
with our Services

Experienced Staff

Having a team of skilled professionals is essential for providing top-notch property management services.

Best Technology

Using the latest technologies can help streamline our operations and provide better service to our clients.

Healthy Relationships

Building strong, lasting relationships with our clients is essential for maintaining their trust.


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Customized property management
services for Non-resident Indians.


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